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[Facebook Gameroom] Adventure Capitalist

Inviato: 06 mar 2020, 12:11
da Rombo di Tuono
ADVENTURE CAPITALIST is what you can name "a number game": a game where you click some nice buttons and see some nice numbers growing.

You can read instructions directly in the game, and those are VERY EASY, so... let's see some strategy to grow up quickly.

First of all: you earn money on three locations, Earth, Moon and Mars

This is the first trick: locations are connected each other, you must grow them at same time, in order to get some benefit.

You start on Earth, and have to get 2 trillion $ before you can start Moon and Mars, you'll find the button to access them in the lower part of the game screen.

On every location GET MANAGERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, managers do the clicks for you, and allow you to get money also when you are not in front of the PC and/or the game is closed.


Inviato: 06 mar 2020, 12:29
da Rombo di Tuono
Begin with lemonade, keep clicking until you have enough money to start newspaper

keep clicking both until you have enough money to start cars OR to get a new manager

repeat all to get at least 10 of everything, but keep growing the numers from top left to bottom right. At a certain moment you should be like:

lemonade 100
newpaper 100
cars 50
pizza 50
bank 25
oil 10

then something like:

lemonade 300
newpaper 200
cars 100
pizza 100
bank 25
oil 25

and so on

at beginning, lemonade gains more money, because it grows more quickly than oil. Anyway the question is to keep this until you get 2 trillions, then you click other locations.


Inviato: 07 mar 2020, 18:17
da Rombo di Tuono

You get some gold by reaching certain levels:

Everything x 1 = 5 Gold
Everything x 100 = 5 Gold
Everything x 500 = 10 Gold
Everything x 1000 = 15 Gold
Everything x 2500 = 20 Gold
Everything x 4000 = 30 Gold
Everything x 5000 = 50 Gold

Everything x 1 = 5 Gold
Everything x 25 = 5 Gold
Everything x 100 = 10 Gold
Everything x 400 = 15 Gold
Everything x 600 = 20 Gold
Everything x 800 = 30 Gold
Everything x 1000 = 50 Gold

You use gold to make some upgrades: the most effective I've found is the "mutiplier by" applied to an entire planet (location)
At a reasonable amount of time you'd be at 400 on moon and 2500 on earth. This means 55+35=90 gold
Untile you want to wait a long time to speed up things, I think it's better to choose the "multiply by 12" upgrade, that's 40 gold, and apply it to MOON, two times, when you can.

Reasons for that are explained in next posts


Inviato: 07 mar 2020, 18:27
da Rombo di Tuono
As you grow, you earn "Angels Investors"

Angels simply apply a certain percentage of gain at all your investments on the relative planet, speeding up the whole thing.
More: you can spend angels to buy some upgrades.

Then I'll suggest you two things:

NEVER spend more than 5% of your angels for upgrading
ALWAYS reset things when you AT LEAST DOUBLE you angels

Resetting sets all your investments to zero, BUT you restart with a brand new amount of angels


Inviato: 07 mar 2020, 23:55
da Rombo di Tuono
Moon is particular: play as you wish, just like Earth at the very beginning, until you are able, with some angel, to "open" LASER as soon as you start.

THEN, you must focus only two things: grow only OXYGEN and LASER, all other you must raise to 600, or 700, each. NO MORE, because it's TOTALLY UNUSEFUL.

Your target is LASER to 600, then OXYGEN to 2880

Take a look at the picture:


Oxygen is hundred time laser and MILLION times any other thing.

There is NO multiplicator useful except for laser 600, that doubles everything, and oxygen 2880 that is "x 666666".

This is the "turning point" of the MOON. When you reach oxygen 2880, you boost all things in a TERRIFIC way.

Your next target will be cheese at 2048 and wolf at 3500. Anyway, after that turning point, all things are easy.

Let me be clear: there's a "trick" to make you mistake: you'll see that you can reach Moon boot 5120 and/or Amusement park 1440 just BEFORE reaching Laser 600. TRUST ME: these two are UNUSEFUL, you'll going to spend a lot of "quintrigintillion" to get few "duotrigintillion"/sec of advantage.

Here's the proof of that:


I've got that unlock to make you see clearly them are unuseful: moon and amusement give "nothing" in terms of advantage, it's near 1 out of 1000 if you compare to Oxygen or Laser, and next "useful" steps like rocket at 1500 are way more far than oxygen 2880, that is at 2 SEPTENTRIGINTILLION !!